Ines Medina

Series 7: Of limits and their products. The forge of the soul. 1991-1992



This series was influenced by my first visit to New York. By simplifying even further the formal elements I was to use, I was left with the color black and the white of the canvas, and the profound sensibility and skill acquired in measuring the planes to construct pure tri-dimensional images for the previous series in Potential Image. Here then I created a fundamental painting, a model, a pattern, called The Lens, which I used to create endless images in black and white on the computer, some of which I then transferred to wood and canvas supports.

This series was the subject of an exhibition at the Art Exhibition Gallery in Basauri in 1992. I dedicated the exhibition to my daughters Ainhoa and Johanna and presented it with the following text:

The kingdom of justice in the soul therefore consists in hierarchical order and the subordination of the parts to each other, a subordination that ensures the harmony and the perfection of the whole. Indeed: in the just soul, reason rules, decides and controls the “irascible”, passionate part, and it is the latter, in executing–in a manner of speaking–the orders reason dictates, which subjects the volitional, desiderative part to its decisions.

This is justice, and this is why it is also the health of the soul (not merely in the fi gurative sense in which we speak of moral health, but also in the stricter, literal sense). And, inversely, the injustice consisting in disorder and the perversion of the natural hierarchy is the sickness of the soul. PLATON

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