Ines Medina

Series 1: My first abstract explorations. Abstract expressionism and some sensorial aspects of the material. 1979-1980

Having assimilated the classic–and some not so classic–concepts of representation from the life, with the disciplines of drawing, painting and sculpture, I transmuted my interest, orienting it exactly towards expression through color, fi xing pure pigments with touches of latex and water on unprepared canvases primed with sealer on the back.

I totally rejected the representation of any theme, form or thing. My attitude when painting was to express myself directly with pure color in pigment very lightly diluted in water and latex on the unprepared canvas.

These experiments made me profoundly sensitive to the meaning and expression of color in itself, of each color in itself and the material in itself.

Like the supports, most of these experiments were small or medium scale, done principally on canvas, with some on paper and board.

It was a brief phase, followed immediately by another where I set myself to the total abstraction of form, while continuing with my explorations of color and the texture of the material in relation to the canvas, on larger supports.

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