22 Series  of artistic research built on a structure of two fundamental blocks:

The first, a FORMAL´S ANALYSIS OF THE PLASTICITY, achieving two very remarkable innovative achievements: the creation of images made in two-dimensional with pure three-dimensional visual results, that is, built only with horizontal and vertical lines and using only the three primary colors plus black and white, finally concluding formal analytical research considering The DOT as the only essential formal plastic element for the creation of any plastic image on two-dimensional supportm, with pure three-dimensional visual results. (1978-2004)

The second structural block of my global research that I have always maintained with the focus and title of THE CONCEPT OF PLASTIC DIVISION, arises from the decision to carry out a correlative joint investigation, with a totally innovative  PSYCHOANALYTIC – PLASTIC methodology focused on the experimental analysis of individual and personal interiorization on the problem experienced for gender inequality, with very specific conclusions about the importance and fundamental value of the type of relationship established between mother and daughter, even from conception, to finally transparent, unmask and deconstruct evil: The perverse narcissist, who with moral harassment and/or sexual perversity seizes and destroys the identity and substance of the victim. (2000-2019)

The scientific result of this methodological system PSICOANÁLICO PLÁSTICO, is the transmutation towards The Unification of the Self Itself, disidentifying itself from the systems imposed because the defensive level of The Duality (confusion and struggle of opposites) in the dimension of The Tri-dimensionality.