Series 10a: Belonging, Difference and Pure Energy, 1996-1999

Series 10a: Belonging, Difference and Pure Energy, 1996-1999

Series 10a and 10b were presented and exhibited together here in New York. The statement defi ning them said: “The exhibition I now present with the global title of Expressions from Unifi cation, may be seen as a continuation of my previous work, because that’s exactly what it is. But it is done from a different plane, one where all the contraries and all the limits and divisions (all the geometric exploration done 1984-1995) have already been interiorized.

I started on Expressions from Unification here in New York in 1996 with the idea of creating images that expressed identities complete in themselves, through their having assimilated the concepts of:

  • Belonging
  • Awareness of Difference
  • Pure Plastic Energy

My thesis is that unifi cation may prove to be the platform from which to penetrate, to comprehend, the actual structure of creation.

All the works were done on the computer and printed on different types of digital printers, in a range of formats and materials. The technical quality of current printing methods account for the fi nal result of the work, the most coherent of the presentations given their origin, the computer, their complex preparation and sophisticated creation.

New York, February 1997.